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wtf this is the cutest sandcastle ever.


THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! it’s a hammer, you call yourselves carpenters??? I asked for a drill how am I supposed to get this screw out

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You know, there’s a special place in hell for someone who cheats in a relationship. Honestly thinking about it makes me red with anger. If you don’t like the person do the courtesy of breaking up with them. Don’t try to have the best of both worlds. And I mean cheating on all levels, flirting, thinking, whatever it is. If you have to delete it or hide it from your partner you know you’ve already done it. It makes a mockery out of love and completely takes a total shit on a relationship. People are actually stupid. If you cheat you are a coward and have no dignity, and I have zero respect for you. Fuck you and good job ruining trust for your partner. You have defiled the meaning of true love and the promises it should hold


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